Elring Dirko RTV Silicone Made in Germany

Elring Dirko Silicone Premium Germany

Made in Germany

Chemical basis Oxime silicone
Curing Room temperature vulcanised (RTV)
Components Single component
Colour Grey / beige / black
Consistency Pasty, stable, permanently resilient when cured
Temperature range -60°C to +285°C (for 24h up to +315°C)

Dirko™ HT oxime (neutral curing) is a highquality, high
temperature resistant single component silicone-based sealing compound that exhibits permanently resilient properties. It provides excellent adhesion on all
standard metals, cast iron, plastics (except for PE, PP
and PTFE) and glass. Due to a reaction with humidity
in the air Dirko™ HT oxime cures to form silicone. The
product can be used for a very wide range of applications.

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